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OVA Hall of Fame: Builders (Kit Lefroy)

Posted on 06/12/2018

Kit Lefroy
In 1969, after a few years of teaching at Mount Royal in Calgary, Kit moved to the Sudbury and spent 35 years at Laurentian University, where he was a professor, coach, and administrator. He served as the Director of the Laurentian School of Sports Administration and worked hard to launch the Sport MBA program, at Laurentian. The same year, Kit was also a playing member of the Canadian Men's National Team, where he competed in the NORCECA championships in Mexico City.

Kit authored many books which were considered the coaching bibles of the time. His contributions to the Canadian Volleyball Association Technical Journal were quite regular, in everything from fundamental skill training, to offensive theory, to jump training and almost everything in between. He would eventually author the first Level 1 Volleyball Skills Videotext which was commissioned by the Coaching Association of Canada.

In the 1970's Kit served as the league convener for University Volleyball and was on the planning and implementation committee of the first CVA Coaching Certification Program for Levels 1 to 4 and he served as chair of the National Coaching Certification committee. Throughout this decade, he also served as President of Region 2 and chaired the officials' committee for the region, instructed and ran more than 50 camps and clinics around the country, sat on the CVA Publications and Technical committee and served on numerous boards and committees for sport in the north.

In 1972, Kit was part of the selection staff for the Men's National Team which represented Canada in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. In 1973, he organized and chaired the first ever CVA Level 4 Coaching Clinic and served as chair of the National Coaching Certification committee. He went on to earn an FIVB Stage 2 Coaching Certificate and was one of less than a handful in Canada to achieve CVA Level 4 Certification.

In 1976 Kit earned a Provincial Ministry Special Achievement Award, followed by the North Eastern Ontario Sportsman of the Year in 1982.
From 1987-1989 - Kit raised approximately $41,500 for the Voyageur Volleyball Club, and other related causes, and in 1994-95 he served as Tournament Convener for the CIAU Men's Volleyball Championships, which were held at Laurentian University.

Kit came back to the OVA table and served again as Region 2 President from 1989 to 1995 and continued to be an active coaching clinician for our sport until 2000.

Volleyball enthusiasts across Canada should be forever indebted to Kit's passion for his leadership in coach development in volleyball and development and delivery of our sport in Northern Ontario. Congratulations Kit on your inductions into the OVA Hall of Fame as a Paul and Shelley Brownstein Builder!